Are you a busy and hard working office employee? : My choice for a lumbar support pillow that you can take anywhere!

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I need a easy solution for my back pain, but i’m busy at the office 24/7!

when I used to work in an office doing numerous stressful things my back pain would flare up really bad! I searched and searched for a solution that would bother me during the day. every single one I saw and used would bother me because it was so bulky and heavy or it was so big it wouldn’t sit right in my chair. then I found the holy grail of solutions :  A lumbar support pillow, but not just any one that would be small enough to fit and soft like a pillow yet with a firm backing.   

Why a lumbar support pillow?

It is a simple, easy, and cheap way to aide your back pain into being relief free!

while it wont completely stop back pain it will indeed make it hurt more than 90% less, and I know from using mine for 1 1/2 years now! 

Easy to use, just snap in place!

When i bought this lumbar support pillow to help my back pain i thought well it might be complicated. Boy was I wrong! it was just a simple snap to the back of my chair and bam! no more pain. 

It’s easy to use, stops back pain, and its comfy what else is there to say!

If you’d like to get your own Lumbar support pillow look no further this is the model i have been using for so long!

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“the angle” almost garnteed to help eliminate back pain!

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Easy to use, night time uses makes it 100% more comfortable and effective!

the angle is designed to be used at night, thus making it great for an easy solution.back pain soultions

soft and comfortable, its like it isn’t there!

“the angle” is a memory foam pillow so when you sleep or sit in  bed you wont feel a rock hard surface!

it is the most cost effective back pain pillow ever!

this pillow will give you your dollar back 100 times over and it will still get rid of back pain no matter what


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Not only does it help back pain, it soothes arthritis in the knees

because of its design it eliminates back pain and soothes arthritis in the knees because of its back pain reliefslope form!



Ways to help back pain without paying a dime!

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While super effective options such as a inversion table can cost some money. There are some of us and I know ive been there before who cant really spend any money at the moment.

So I have compiled my favorite list of techniques to rid back pain while on a budget.

sleep more at night

while it might seem hard to sleep with back pain, it can be the cause of back pain and problems back pain soultions in the first place.





Put frozen items or warm items where you get back pain

cold works as a atheistic and slows down inflammation and swelling and warm gets the blood flowing areas to rid the back pain and problems faster.

Drink tea with a birch leaf additive

birch bark contains a acid which when consumed acts as a pain reliever which is surprisingly effective on helping back pain.


Inversion tables work, and eliminate back pain : My review of a comfortable and easy way to ease away back pain!

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Inversion tables can be quite silly looking and you may think, will this work? Yes. They work very well unless you hang to long or use it too many times per day. When I first used a inversion table I made a mistake of hanging for two minutes on my first use, and don’t hang directly up side down that just stretches your back out into a awkward position. After my first incident I decided to use it correctly hanging about even flat, but more of an angle so my feet are higher. This use for only 30 seconds a day and then an added 15 seconds for two weeks it cured my back pain and when I fell and hit my back on the kitchen tile. I flocked directly to my inversion table!inversion table that gets rid of back pain and problems

There are no expensive massages you force yourself to go to!

since its a home treatment you do it on your time, only 30 seconds a day!

Say goodbye to spending more money if you ever hurt your back again!

An inversion table you will always own, so whether you hurt it picking up after kids or hitting it on the counter it will always be there


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You only need to spend a minute or less a day to help fix your back!

no more of that you must stay still for 12 hours! this takes 30 seconds and your back on your feet.